An album three years in the making, Trus'me aka David Wolstencroft's third full-length 'Treat Me Right' deviates somewhat from its predecessors, 'Working Night$' and 'In The Red', but the producer's style is still very much distinct and intact. Delving deeper and harder into the house and techno realm, the album is a tight 8-tracker liberally sprinkled with conversations and dealing with the themes of love and loss.

Wolstencroft's work has been described in the same sentences as Moodymann and Theo Parrish, though with a some say, lighter touch. His reputed label Prime Numbers has artists such as Linkwood, Reggie Dokes, Actress and Motor City Drum Ensemble on the roster, with heavyweights like Marcel Dettmann, DVS1 and Terrence Dixon on remix duties. Released on this imprint, the album is another addition to a growing catalogue of must-haves for the deeper-digging house DJ.

'Treat Me Right' opens pleasantly with 'Hindsight', a mellow deep house number which also sets the blueprint for the tracks that are to follow. Craftily used vocal samples, great drum parts that slowly add and minus themselves off throughout the track and an overall analogue finish become the formula for this album that vacillates from hip house to acid and techno.

As David mentions in this interview with JUICE magazine:

"The production side of the Trus'me sound caught up with DJ approach. I'm making records now that I can play in my sets at peak time while still keeping that long player approach."

'Tes Une Pute' (You're a Whore) follows next in the LP, opening with a French conversation before leading into a jackin' house track in the vein of productions familiar to the likes of cities such as San Francisco and Seattle. A jazzy piano tinkle, groovy bassline and swing creates a sweet tune for the bars and clubs of the world.

By the third track 'I Want You', things lift up a notch with a driving groove, more percussion and background conversation noise adding up to a somewhat orgasmic atmosphere. Pounding beats and a chopped up vocal panned in the right places helps to build the track to a climax. Like the album's other tracks 'It's Slow' and the acid-laced 'Somebody', these sound right at home for the peak time slot and should find their way to many a DJ's sets.

The album's last track throws a delightful curveball. Featuring conversation taken from the film 'The Deep Blue' by Luc Besson, the song 'Long Distance' expresses love experienced at a distance -- a ringing phone that does not get picked up, a hip hop beat, dreamy vocal pleas to 'talk to me…' and synths awash create a feeling for the listener that is both sorrowful yet upbeat. It is a perfect ender filled with both finality and hope.

With such a cinematic, curtain-rising ending to 'Treat Me Right', one feels as if one has been told a love story through Wolstencroft's music playing by the album's end. It might be the producer's most techno-sounding album to date but in any case, his remixers of late would have already indicated the artist's growth in that direction.

'Treat Me Right' saw me move into the realm of synths, drum machines to create the sounds of the scene I had been submerged in over the last 4-5 years. Working on new music while on the road is hard, and fragmented sessions all came together once I was stationary in Manchester. I stayed away from the impulse of my love of sampling and musicianship and trapped myself in a room, so that the final outcome would be a true representation on the sound they call analogue."

01. Hindsight
02. T'es Une Pute
03. I Want You
04. Its Slow
05. Moonlight Kiss
06. Defunct
07. Somebody
08. Long Distance


By | The Dash
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