‘Life and Death’ is Kris Wadsworth’s debut album, after almost a decade in the scene. It’s been a long time coming, but you’ll find that it’s not quite an existential exploration. Rather, the self-made Detroit-born DJ/producer chooses to take a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach in contemplating his personal career and the music industry, combining gritty sound with mischievous commentary.

"Music is my career, so it is 'Life And Death' to a certain extent," he says. "But also, there are too many uptight people in this industry that take themselves too seriously. [The album is] me: Serious music which also makes fun of the world around me.” Uptight or not, we reckon fans will be pleased with his latest offering.

The track ‘Alienated American’ kicks things off with droning vocals you can’t really make sense of. But the tracks that follow leave no question of Kris Wadsworth’s skill, packing in deep, jacking rhythm and addictive melodies. ‘Showtime’, ‘Girl Talk’, ‘Koffein’ and ‘666’ are the highlights of the album, featuring hypnotic vocals pulsing alongside a heavy, gripping beat.

Kris Wadsworth slips in a few surprises here and there, for instance veering on drum and bass with ‘The Boring People’. Not to mention the track begins with the sinister voice of Charles Manson, a convicted serial killer, saying, “Believe me, if I started murdering people, there’d be none of you left.”

The album finishes off strong with the hard-hitting ‘Life and Death’, bringing the experience to a befitting end with the words “life, death, music”.

‘Life and Death’ is an honest, entertaining piece of work put together by a man who knows exactly what he stands for. And when it comes to Kris Wadsworth, that’s nothing short of impressive.

01. Alienated American 

02. Definition Of 

03. Showtime

04. Fan Mail (Revisited) 

05. Girl Talk 

06. Ivory 313 feat. Jimmy Edgar 

07. Gutter Pimp 
08. Koffein 

09. Famous Anus 

10. 666

11. The Boring People 

12. Life and Death

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