Combining Grafitti with Fine Art, Ceno2 has been working the streets, homes, gallery walls and commercial buildings of Singapore for the past 10 years. He will be doing live graf art at Zouk for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha on 26 Jan 2013. Read on to find out more about our visual artist in this interview.

How long have you been in graffiti and how did you start out?
Been painting roughly around 10 years now. It all started being so anxious in knowing everything when I was a kid. So I saw some people doing graffiti down the street back in the days. Don't remember who though. In a way, they challenged me to paint. And that's how I got myself so into it.

Why the name Ceno2?

I always have this phrase in my head, "See and you will know". So the "Ce" represent "see", and "no" represents know. So that's how I got my tag name. The number 2 is in a way to remind me that I am not number 1 haha.

Where do you draw the line between street and commercial art?
I'm not pretty sure about this, because for me, I'm doing and creating a new movement which is called Graffiti Fine Art.

Is there hope for graf art in Singapore?
Yeah I believe so. If the government and the public give it a chance. They will be amazed by some artworks that can be produced by some of the locals.

How would you describe your art and technique?
My art, as mentioned above, is called Graffiti Fine Art. I use both traditional graffiti and fine arts techniques using spray paints.

Most accomplished work to date and why?
Well, I'm not sure. For me, every artwork has their own story. I love them all! Haha. But the only thing that will make me happy when creating an artwork is when my clients are happy. Putting a smile in their faces is a bonus.

A tip you have for other artists?
A tip for other artists will be, just keep doing it, but never have bad intentions. My inspiration will be my family, friends, the public and this person by the name of Hana, someone who is really important to me.

Ceno2 Artkhalytis from Artkhalytis Films on Vimeo.

Your favourite music artists?
My favourites will be Steel Heart, Brian Hyland, Frank Sinatra.

How was your diploma at NAFA like?
It was good. But, just that I believe to be the first student to work on Graffiti during my final year project, as what was said by a lecturer of mine. Because back then, Graffiti is not considered an art at all. So it did not turn out that good for me haha.

Tell us more about you teaching kids.
I went to teach some government schools to teach graffiti and other art forms. My intention is to spread and share with the younger generations about art.

What can we expect from your for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha?
Like what my name means, come see it, and you will know it.

Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha

Sat 26 Jan 2013
10pm onwards

Facebook event page link
RSVP link

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