Goodbye 2012. JUICE wraps up a brilliant year of music with this ending selection of tunes from the likes of Scuba, Kevin Mcphee, Burial, Sound Stream and a Cherry Chan & Kiat remix of local band, Monster Cat. Hello 2013.

Scuba – Hardbody

What’s The Buzz:
Love him or hate him, the attention has definitely been on Paul Rose this year. Here Scuba follows-up Personality and Talk Torque with yet another infectious single.

Sounds Like: Rose’s rose-tinted nostalgia is firmly fixed onto ‘90s house ecstasy once again with a bouncy, feel-good, look back at old-school mainstream.

Prediction: It’ll definitely get you revved up for Scuba’s set at Para//el on 5 January over at Zouk’s Velvet Underground – Dance.

Kevin McPhee – Who Loves You

What’s The Buzz:
Torontonian house and techno prospect, Kevin McPhee, continues his ascent with new, UK-influenced joint. 

Sounds Like: A distinctly deep house take on that familiar R&B-flecked post-dub formula, lending a whole host of dark and subtle twists.

Prediction:  A nice solid appetizer which should get your searching for his stellar new EP for West Norwood Cassette Library.

Burial – Truant

What’s The Buzz:
Um, it’s a new Burial track. This needs no buzz.

Sounds Like: Visceral, cinematic, majestic – this 12-minute suite uses its length to carefully lead us into emotional enlightenment.

Prediction: Together with the 14-minute Rough Sleeper, William Bevan’s latest masterpieces pulled from subterranean South London will cement his legacy as one of the greatest producers this planet has ever encountered.

Sound Stream – Julie’s Theme

What’s The Buzz:
Legendary Berlin disco and house producer Frank Timm caps off his 2012 with a rare addition to his Soundstream series.

Sounds Like: Glitchy 4/4 goodness anchors the snappy, ever-classy structure of Julie’s Theme, marrying shimmery disco with dismembered blips.

Prediction: Its flipside features Inferno, a similarly funky ‘70s-indebted tune – making this strutting 12” a tempting purchase for anyone with any semblance of taste.

MONSTER CAT– Underwater (Cherry Chan & Kiat remix)

What’s The Buzz: T
he bakeneko boys have asked 5 electronic producers and 5 visual artists offer their interpretations of MONSTER CAT’s signature song Underwater.

Sounds Like: We’re stoked that the first release comes from Syndicate parentals Cherry Chan & Kiat (with artwork by Izyanti Asa'ari), who were more than happy to lend some ominous low-end darkness to the project.

Prediction: This thoroughly spectacular first remix sets the bar absurdly high, but we’re confident that Dominant Genetikz, Diphasic, Gema and Max Lane will provide diverse yet equally compelling takes in the weeks to come. Keep a lookout for them via

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