From Omar S to Moodymann and Analogue Monsta, Scion A/V has been dishing out gems of free releases from artists of said caliber. Here, Nick Hook's Without You is no different, with standout collaborations with the likes of Machinedrum and Computer Jay & The Gaslamp Killer.

Without You is the amalgamation of Nick Hook. Nick who? You might ask…
As part of the NYC outfit Cubic Zirconia, who likes to call their music – ethic disco, you can expect much of the same flavour in this multi-layered house variety laced with acid funk as he collaborates with the likes of Computer Jay & The (Motherfucking) Gaslamp Killer, Machinedrum and Color Film in this debut EP.
Besides being a mainstay in Cubic Zirconia, Nick’s resume includes recently producing the Jumanji track off Azealia Bank’s mixtape 'Fantasea', as well as playing for Drop the Lime live shows.
The introductory track of 'Fish Food' with Computer Jay & The Gaslamp Killer, shows Nick dropping house beats merged with an instrumentalism which makes you feel like you are going all tip-toe down a ghetto alley in NYC.


Further exploration of seedy undertones reveal itself in my favourite track '4XS' with the vocals of Andrea Balency, as a military march ensues in a track where deep disco meets a smoky house.

Mind-twitching synths form the third track 'Call Me', with a skillful juxtaposition of beats and sounds, with peaks and dips creating spooky undertones that isolate you as if in a boxing ring and cleverly hits out at you at various intervals.
From electronic puppetry to literally a cricket-silenced background opener of 'Sirens with El-P & Rood', this album is an old-school hip-hop sound fused with a blend of progressive house and electronica which…works. And I don’t think that happens often.

Another favourite is the deep house and dub track 'Medium Rare' with American Machinedrum (Travis Stewart) - also half of Sepalcure and Jets - creating a real depth of field in its drum and bass.

As the album art suggests, there isn’t a dull moment on this EP, as listeners are faced with the multi-faceted stream of influences of Nick Hook, down to an intense techno in 'On Y Va'. He’s like a skilled juggler, equipped with a solid technical production capability.
Get to know Nick Hook by visiting his personal Tumblr page, and understand his influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Nas to Roy Ayers.
01  Nick Hook - Fish Food with Computer Jay & The Gaslamp Killer
02  Nick Hook - 4XS with Andrea Balency
03  Nick Hook - Call Me
04  Nick Hook - Sirens with El-P & Rood
05  Nick Hook - It's A Sin with Color Film
06  Nick Hook - 6735
07  Nick Hook - Medium Rare with Machinedrum
08  Nick Hook - On Y Va
09 Nick Hook - 3591 Chloe's Song
Available for download for free at

By | Vicki
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