REVIEW: JACOB KORN - YOU & ME | 1 Nov 2012

Jacob Korn is part DJ/producer, part multimedia artist, and has been traversing the landscape of electronic sound for more than a decade. A 2007 graduate from the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto, he has been released under various names on respected, cutting-edge labels such as Astrolab, Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Dolly and Left of the Dial.

You & Me is Jacob's first full-length album, released on the Dresden-based Uncanny Valley. Every song here is a collaboration, and it might be safe to say that Jacob is one team player. The collaborations range from his Uncanny Valley peers such as Cuthead and Break SL, to Smallville Records’ Christopher Rau and also American singer Kid A.

The title “You & Me” marks a number of intersections – from the 7 graphic artists who contributed to an interpretation of Jacob’s face for the album artwork, to Jacob and the producers and vocalists who worked on the music, and finally, the listener’s own experience and reaction to the music.

You & Me starts off slow but strong – the ladies of Sea Of Love and Kid A lend sultry vocals to the first two tracks, ‘The Place’ and ‘Broken’. Both make for a gentle, melodic and jazzier introduction with deep beats before breaking into slightly more clubby terrain. 

The energy goes from languid, slightly forlorn rhythms to lighter, upbeat tracks like ‘Punta Del Este’, and ‘Shock Me’. Jacob is known for his keen interest in interactive and participatory musical experiences, exploring the interface of audio, visual and dance, and even organising kinetic technology workshops for children. This sensibility and curiosity about the way people interact with music is perfectly encapsulated in this album.

Jacob’s open attitude is key to making the album work - when you consider the process that brought this album to fruition; it’s a truly respectable effort to be able to make all these fragments come together. Perhaps it's how he keeps it fresh, surprising even himself sometimes.

“Maybe because that’s what music is really about, to create it in interaction with other people?”

For an album involving as many guest appearances as it does, the style does vary, but Jacob ensures a consistent tone and flow throughout. With every listen, you might find something new to love – depending on the time of day, the mood you’re in – it’s difficult to pick just one favourite.

You & Me is a humble first but well-stacked effort, and probably the closest you’ll get to a full length by Jacob Korn for a while, but I’m definitely not complaining.

01. Jacob Korn feat. Sea Of Love - The Place
02. Jacob Korn feat. Kid A - Broken
03. Jacob Korn feat. Sandrow M - Friction
04. Jacob Korn & Christopher Rau feat. The Drifter – I Need You
05. Jacob Korn & Sneaker - Heteronomous
06. Jacob Korn & Mr. Raoul K – Do Your Thing
07. Jacob Korn & Swede:Art – Shock Me
08. Jacob Korn & San Soda – Punta Del Este
09. Jacob Korn & Cuthead aka Kornhead – Makin’ Love
10. Jacob Korn & Break SL feat. Thabia Xavier – You & Me
11. Jacob Korn feat. Johannes Held – Mit Der Nachsten Welle


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