September is scorching as The JUICE Playlist picks up the likes of Blawan, Koreless for How to Dress Well, Mala, Captain Murphy and Atoms For Peace for their monthly rundown on the latest and the best.

Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage

What’s The Buzz: Jamie Roberts aka Blawan seems to have finally hit his stride in his latest EP, chock full of murky, unrelenting beats that’ll have you gasping for air.

Sounds Like: A slightly less passive-aggressive Madteo.

Prediction: Everything from the cover art to the track arrangement in this EP is immaculate and we imagine Blawan can only get better from here on.

How To Dress Well – Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)

What’s The Buzz:
20-year-old Lewis Roberts is fresh out of university and just about ready to full on tackle his music career, starting with this haunting rework off How To Dress Well’s new album.

Sounds Like: Swapping the original’s soaring R&B beats with a sparse, insistent melody lends it a melancholy that is less grandiose but hits closer to home.  

Prediction: Judging by his present output, it’s quality > quantity for Koreless so far, but that formula has been working undoubtedly well for him.

Mala – Cuba Electronic

What’s The Buzz:
Inspired by his experiences in Cuba, Mala uses his trademark dub framework to host a whole range of frenzied Cuban percussion—you’d think they’d clash, but they don’t.

Sounds Like: A winding, nighttime traipse down an unfamiliar street.

Prediction: Just when imitators are starting to catch up with Mala’s old material, he changes tack again, ensuring that he’s playing in a league of his own.   

Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT version)

What’s The Buzz: Hip-hop enigma Captain Murphy receives a heavy-handed treatment from TNGHT, making this track even more unhinged than it already was.

Sounds Like: People have been speculating over the identity of Captain Murphy and guesses have ranged from Tyler the Creator to Flying Lotus (with his pitch altered), but we think it’s probably Ice-T.

Prediction: It appears that Captain Murphy’s got friends in some pretty high places but we don’t mind not knowing who he is as long as he keeps putting out sick tracks.

Atoms For Peace – Default

What’s The Buzz: Originally conceived as a set up to enable Thom Yorke to perform his solo material live, the supergroup’s latest single attests to their ability to hold their own.

Sounds Like: Critics have complained that it sounds too much like Radiohead, but when was that ever a bad thing?

Prediction: It’s reminiscent of some of Radiohead’s strongest forays into electronic music, and the scarily impressive line-up means we can’t wait for the band’s full length LP due next year.

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