If music is your refuge, take cover with this warm blanket; every thread carefully woven together by Berlin-based producer Jin Choi. Going by the philosophy that “(music) is about emotion, expression and personality”, Jin Choi makes his own brand of music, a neat mesh of deep house, soul, disco, punctuated by occasional bouts of ambient sound.

A Thousand Whales of Love is Jin Choi’s debut full-length album, coming after a series of EPs. The tracks are friendly but certainly not boring, fuelled by energetic beats, vocals and jazzy textures. As the album art perhaps suggests, there is a whimsical quality to the music, but at the same time it is grounded by a hint of melancholy, mapped out against a spiced-up but solid formula.

Opening track ‘Don’t Look Inside’ sets a darker tone, before the energetic surprise that is ‘Godspeed Soul’; a padded number that will get your feet tapping.

Tracks such as ‘Amber & Gold’, and ‘Solstice’ are personal favourites; a good balance of energy and emotion.

At times, the mood dips into ambient yet soulful vibes, on ‘A Thousand Whales of Love’, and ‘There Must Be Ways’.

The album is a comfortable blend that eases the listener in, before parading a fresh listen in which Jin Choi’s free-your-mind approach comes through nicely. Sometimes you can just tell that a healthy amount of love has been put into making the music.

01. Don’t Look Inside
02. Godspeed Soul
03. She’s Got Gold
04. A Thousand Whales of Love
05. The Hour Glass
06. Amber & Gold
07. Brother Ash, Sister Dust
08. There Must Be Ways
09. Love & Soil
10. Solstice
11. In The Dark
Digital: Circles (Inhale Mix)

Digital: Stealing Gold 

Digital: Circles (Exhale Mix)


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